Augmented Reality: Uber Eats Menu

Many of us have to cook more food at home, and indoor dining was restricted for restaurants as we hope to flatten the curve amid the global pandemic for months.
UberEats is partnering with local restaurants this holiday season to launch UberEats Augmented Reality Menu to give customers a glimpse of the food before ordering from home. This concept elevates the user's takeout experience while supporting local restaurants.

5 weeks

School Project, Individual

Unity, Vuforia, Maya, Sketch
Upon wrapping up on this project, I realized there's so much more to polish on the technical execution. However, it was a great learning experience as I began to understand AR technology's constraints and limitations, such as the environment, GPS tracking, budgeting, accessibility, etc. Many factors can affect the final performance of an AR-based project, which raised my curiosity to have a series of conversations with AR experts on why do people use AR in the first place. 

We came to a conclusion that this project exemplifies the role that emerging technologies can play in simplifying and supporting the tasks involved in daily life. Augmented Reality technology affords a vast range of potential applications, and it is hardly unique in that regard. This project inspired me to understand the burdens and limitations of emerging technologies as well as their potentials. 
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