College students know what melanoma is but do not take necessary precautions. 
 95% of college students like to procrastinate on everything including taking early precautions with problematic moles. They don't take action until things become serious.
The foundation was created in Mollie's memory after she lost the battle with melanoma at the age of twenty. The mission is to increase awareness for melanoma prevention and support patients through education of the latest treatments. 
Instagram Story Commercial
Mollie's Fund is reminding college students the importance of taking early action by sharing the last words from a melanoma patient and partnering up with American Academy of Dermatology to provide free skin checkup.
Instagram Ad: Mole vs. Mold 
The set of three ads uses the analogy of a mole on the skin with molds on the expired food. Eating moldy food can cause serious illness; likewise, an unhealthy mole will lead to skin cancer. The analogy is connected through procrastination memes college students often say in everyday life. The goal is to educate and remind them the necessity of taking early detections. 
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