Unnatural is a VR experience that prompts players to solve abnormal death cases by walking around the scene and finding relevant clues. While each murder mystery experience doesn’t require an extended play-through, the whole VR experience consists of many small experiences that our target audience can come back and revisit.
My Role
Design, Prototype, Early-Stage Usability Test 
Crystal Chen​​​​​​​
Unity, Maya, Epic Games Launcher, Oculus Quest​​​​​​​
Five weeks
Assign prompt
When the user starts the experience, a prompt will be assigned at the door. A voice-over will also announce the prompt upon entering the scene. 
Finding clues
Grab/Release: grab objects in the scene using grip buttons to find different clues and throw away unused items on the floor 
Navigating through different spaces
Move around by controlling the joystick or teleport to other places based on a laser pointer​​​​​​​
Move up/Move down: walk up and down stairs to reach another scene
Snap rotation: rotates the camera 45 degrees to the right or left
Reveal answer
The answer is hiding in one of the objects in the scene. Once the user finds the object, a warning message will pop up for the user to choose whether they want to open the scroll to reveal the answer or skip. 
01 Research
Our target audience includes early VR adopters, murder mystery and crime, and detective fiction fans over 17. They are individuals who have a VR device at home.
Daniel is a college student who loves watching mystery and suspense films and playing detective games with friends. However, the movie plot can often get spoiled quickly, and he doesn’t have many opportunities to think independently when watching with friends. As a result, Daniel is looking for some immersive detective experience to play alone. He sits on his cozy sofa at home wearing PJ, puts on his headset, and decides to enter the Unnatural. 
02 Ideation & Prototyping
Example of Storyline

Prompt: Alice has never worn high heels. She wore high heels to work today, then she died. Why? Explore the space to solve the crime. 
Screenshot of the VR experience
Key Clue: guess Alice's occupation
Answer: Alice is an acrobat, and her performance is blindfolded knives-throwing. Her partner always throws knives precisely above her head. This time, because her high heels grew taller, her partner was blindfolded and flew the knife at the previous height, so he pierced Alice to death.
Physical World Mapping & Accessibility Considerations 
If we can control the conditions for a visitor to interact with the experience is a private space with a quiet environment. There will not include additional physical installation objects/physical computing components as part of the experience. The VR experience will be static and sit down. Snap turn, ray casting, and teleportation are implemented to reduce motion sickness.
Prototyping Alpha in Unity
Scene building
Adding directional lights
Adding spotlights on the second floor
Adjusting the teleport area to make users' navigation in Oculus more realistic and comfortable
Adding clues to the scene
Adding clues to the scene
Adding interactions to the objects
Beta User Testing & Surveys
We invited twenty participants to play test the experience on demo day and sent out the Google survey for them to fill out after the experience and asked questions such as: 

What was the most frus­trating moment or aspect of what you just played?

What was your favorite moment or aspect of what you just played?

Was there anything you wanted to do that you couldn’t?

If you had a magic wand to wave, and you could change, add, or remove anything from the expe­ri­ence, what would it be?
User Feedback & Adjustment
Objects in the VR space seem taller and bigger than the user. We adjusted the camera angle to be higher.
After adjusting the camera angle to be higher, the user noticed the objects still looked large. Thus, we reduced the overall model size.
The teleport area is too close to the walls in the VR space, making the user feel like they are about to hit the wall. We adjusted the teleportation area.
The objects that contain clues are not apparent enough. We added spotlights in the space.
This project had many learning opportunities and memorable moments. Upon wrapping up this project, there are three aspects that we want to improve on as the next steps:
Illustration Credits vectorwin
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